Thursday, November 30, 2017


Life on the Ant Hill
Most ants have poor-to-mediocre eyesight and a few subterranean species are completely blind. Wikipedia
The drudgery of hauling dirt upon dirt, the battles, the torn antennae, the marching, marching, pleasure only in workaday duties, the long sigh from heavy hauling, blind to being blind, not one idle leg among thousands, in the end everything kicked over by something unthinkable, and those who survive will build yet another hill.

*     *     *

Short Story Anthologies

The thing about short stories is that they're short, and if you relish one, you can't just rush into another, but then the whole evening is ruined when you've planned to read something that could take you to another reality, though gradually you come down from a good short story, like coming down from any high, and pretty soon you feel the hunger and pick up the book again, starting on another story because, otherwise, there's only life.

*     *     *

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