Thursday, September 28, 2017

Villain Villanelle

a central casting pantomime
the worst actor center stage
but many others stand behind

myriad compromises signed
merely the face of deep malaise
a central casting pantomime

email hackers, secrets, lies
misogynist's childish rampage
and many others stand behind

the rich who want their pockets lined
cabinet heads, all depraved
a central casting pantomime

lest you and I lose our minds
impeachment fantasies backstage
but many others stand behind

always a cover-up, never the crime
at which villain do we rage
in a central casting pantomime
where many others stand behind

(See: "Donald Trump isn't the only villain -- the Republican party shares the blame," Jonathan Freedland, the guardian)


pablo rama said...

You are perspicaciously powerful! I would love to share this with my small Facebook group, XXVIIIth Amendment.

Mary Bast said...

Be my guest.

pablo rama said...
Deep Bow