Thursday, May 10, 2018

Eeek Love

My passion for the skewed, the avant-garde, the idiosyncratic – poets, writers, artists, visionaries, whistle blowers, and everyday goddesses – stems from a childhood juggling the act of “good little girl.”Behind the pigtails I was a voyeur of the sensational.This collection of poems is a side show of performers from the circus of my imagination, the nice girl unmasked.

Here's a sample: 
Tinker Toys
I will be a happy infant
by the time we die,
gurgling with bright joy,
unmuzzled, unfettered,
pleasured in our play.

I am your trampoline, your top.
When you come out with me
the rings we circle make us
dizzy with delight -
your cunning lips,
our loose games
lighten me with innocence.

You wheedler, you tempter,
my heart frolics, mesmerized,
aroused perversely so that
I, a gibbering idiot,
am on the leash of your eyes
and you must walk me, slobbering,
pat me on the head,
explaining me to strangers.

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